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The CLP is Yamaha’s premiere digital piano.  With exceptional touch, response, and tone, this digital upright piano delivers the same clear, massive sound as Yamaha’s 9-foot CFX concert grand. Choice Clavinova models include dedicated speakers for the bass, mid and treble, and separate amplifiers for each to provide the best possible sound across the entire keyboard. Combined with Natural Wood X (NWX) keys, synthetic ivory keytops that absorb moisture in order to prevent fingers from slipping even after hours of practice, and 88-key Linear Graded Hammers, giving each key its own unique weight, allows for more precise control when playing delicately at low volumes.

CLP series Clavinovas have the ability to record, playback, and externally transfer files through a USB port, and offer a variety of different instrument voices many including the world-famous Bösendorfer Imperial Grand. All Clavinovas are equipped with a headphone port to allow for playing at any time of the day or night, without disturbing others around you.

All these features and many more give the Yamaha CLP series Clavinovas a truly unmistakable cutting edge in the digital piano world.

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